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Since 2001, Oklahoma City-based Hummel Law has helped victims of trucking accidents recover what they didn’t deserve to lose in the first place, by shining the light on those responsible. Focusing on the complicated area of highway trucking crashes, Hummel Law is led by attorney Timothy Hummel.  

“In May 2020, Timothy became one of two attorneys in the State of Oklahoma who has successfully attained Board Certification in Truck Accident Law by the NBTA.” With decades of success led by an experienced trial lawyer and a hand-selected client list, Hummel Law is structured to maximize the value of every case it takes.

Meet Timothy Hummel

Since 1995, Oklahoma City-based attorney Timothy Hummel has worked as a trial lawyer, helping victims of wrongdoing get their lives back. He works directly with his clients at every stage of their case to ensure the best outcomes.  

His passion is making our community safer by holding wrongdoers accountable for the harm they cause, and he prides himself on getting to know his clients well enough to help those harmed restore themselves. In 2020 he became part of an elite class of lawyers by attaining Board Certification in Truck Accident Law by the NBTA. He is well-versed in the intricacies of the complicated areas of trucking and insurance law. In each case he takes on, he has the same goal: To help those who have been harmed by wrongful behavior of others get back on the road to living again. 

Timothy Hummel gives a voice to the truth to help people tell their story in the courtroom. He is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law.

Meet The Team

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Michael Wells

Michael Wells has been with Hummel Law since 2009. During trial, he is in charge of technology. He also assists in pre-trial case development.

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Aleece Barnes

Aleece Barnes has been with Hummel Law since 2015. She is the witness coordinator, and assists in pre-trial case development.

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