Practice Areas

Leading The Way.

We help the wrongfully injured get back on their way to living again. We prosecute cases to make our community safer. We limit the number of cases we take and we devote enormous effort to each, so we can keep the promises we make. 

Before we take a case, we ask: 

  1. Is the case important? Will a victory help us change the industry for the better? 
  2. Do we have the experience and expertise applicable to the case?
  3. Does the client share our values? 

The areas where we are experienced and have exacted justice for clients include:

car and semi-truck drive down a dark highway

Truck Collisions

We focus on collisions involving 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, buses, and other large trucks. We’re located in Oklahoma City — the nation’s crossroads — with thousands of these types of vehicles traveling through our state every day. According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, approximately 6,000 of these large truck crashes happen annually in our state. To help keep us safe, our country has developed rules and regulations that specifically apply to motor carriers and drivers of 18-wheelers and other large trucks.

Financial pressures, carelessness and greed cause many in the trucking industry to skirt the rules. An 18-wheeler crash almost always starts days, weeks, or even months before it occurs, with the poor decision of putting profits ahead of people, leading to the violation of one or more safety rules. Because these types of rule violations are more likely to lead to death and mayhem, we do not tolerate them and have armed ourselves to hold the rulebreakers accountable.  

Traffic Collisions

We routinely and successfully litigate cases that involve automobiles, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and foreign objects. According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, around 200 crashes happen every day in the State of Oklahoma. That’s more than 70,000 crashes per year. Almost all of these crashes have an element of distracted driving. Distracted driving is an epidemic. It’s changing lives for the worse and it’s killing the people we love. Every time we hold a rulebreaker and their insurance company responsible for the harm caused, we are fighting this epidemic.

traffic jam on city street

Wrongful Denials of Insurance Claims by Insurance Companies

Also known as Insurance Bad Faith. Insurance companies often take advantage of people by wrongly denying insurance claims or under paying them. We know and understand the promises that the insurance industry must fulfill. We have helped many Oklahomans force their insurance company to do the right thing. 

Unsafe Properties

This is also known as premise liability, and usually happens when an unseen hazard or defect causes an injury or death. Under Oklahoma law, when a business opens its doors to the public, that business must keep its premises — store floors, merchandise, parking lots, automatic doors and the like — free of hazards. It is especially important that we protect our elderly. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. By holding businesses accountable for failing to make their properties safe, we aim to make shopping, traveling, and other business interactions safer for all. 

yellow caution wet floor sign
skyscrapers against cloudy sky

Corporate Greed & Wrongdoing

Fraud cases happen when a company is lying and cheating for corporate profits. This includes selling dangerous products and tricking people into buying or consuming things that harm them. One of the great things about America is that we have the freedom to engage in any business we choose. But with that freedom, people and businesses have the responsibility to make money without lying, cheating and defrauding folks, especially when those actions affect health and life.

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